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Upcoming games:
(#438) "ФотоТочки. NEW"
team game,
29.09.2018 / 22:00:00
Zone: Points
Author: Katrin_Ylibka
Participation: free
(#392) "Saving Private Barsik"
team game,
19.11.2018 / 22:00:00
Zone: Quest
Author: old_ape
Participation: 800 руб.
(#415) " FEAR FACTOR"
team game,
24.03.2019 / 22:00:00
Zone: Quest
Authors: maxidron, Бeлka
Participation: 1,000 руб.

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Hi, my name is Evgeny Shaposhnikov (aka Air). I started playing urban games practically since the very day they appeared. Then I began organizing games, first locally, then internationally. The next consecutive step for me was the job as the project developer. I make decisions concerning various disputable issues and situations, help and consult game organizers. I'm very interested in new game types and formats. I invented some of them myself, and many of them were created after the participants' ideas, which were developed and made accessible.

You can reach me by EN messaging.
My Skype is Airevgeny
Phone# +375 29 6882260

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